Peachtree Audio X1 USB to SPDIF converter

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If you’re looking at this then I assume you know what this is.

This converts USB from a computer into a cleaner digital signal that a DAC can then convert over to analog, and is better than the USB inputs on most DACs out there


Upgrade your USB DAC to Asynchronous 24/192

USB inputs on many DACs don’t support resolution beyond 16-bit/48kHz. The Peachtree Audio X1 USB to SPDIF Converter interfaces between your computer’s USB output and your DAC’s SPDIF input (coax or optical) to provide a high-resolution upgrade over your DAC’s stock USB input.

The X1 lets you fully enjoy the highest-resolution digital music available – all the way to 24-bit/192kHz resolution!

If your computer’s operating system is Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8 you’ll need a small easy-to-install driver to unlock the X1’s 24-bit/192kHz resolution. No driver is needed for Mac OS X.



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