Sinox SHD3501/SHD3502/SHD3503 Stereo Audio Cable RCA

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Superior stereo audio connection between a compatible CD Player, Blu-ray DVD Player or Game Station and a Hi-fi Amplifier

Sinox SHD3501 Stereo Audio Cable 2 RCA M/2 RCA M (0.75 Meter)

Sinox SHD3502 Stereo Audio Cable 2 RCA M/2 RCA M (1.5 Meter)

Sinox SHD3503 Stereo Audio Cable 2 RCA M/2 RCA M (3.0 Meter)

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24k Hard Gold-plated
maximises contact area and guards against corrosion

99.96% High Purity Oxygen-free Copper
minimises distortion and ensures superior picture and sound quality

Protective Metal Shell with Easy-grip
provides extended durability yet simple to plug-in and remove

Copper-braided Reinforced Shielding
Double-screened to deflect unwanted interference from nearby electronics and radio (RF) signals

Highly Flexible Thick PVC jacket
protects the conductors from abrasion and degradation yet offers excellent versatility especially when bending

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